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Thank you community radio

I want to say a big thank you to community radio stations @communityradioau around Australia, @musicnsw, @southerntablelandsarts and @highlandfm_107.1 in particular.

After a few COVID imposed bumps, I had one of the best days in my life last Wednesday. (I really am not exaggerating.)

The station manager at HighlandFM, (who is in fact the Richard Fidler of the south and quite annoying because he's not really interested in all the reasons why I couldn't possibly be ready to sing out loud and proud), opened the door to a beautiful studio and we recorded an interview and I sang four songs live and up close as part of the 100% Homegrown CRN show.

This amazing show, created by the team of HighlandFM, is one of only a select group of shows that go out across the country, over the community radio network. It has a potential audience of eight million people!

One of Australia’s greatest sound engineers masters the songs and interviews and then they give the artists copies to help build their audience. Supporting the rich diversity of contemporary Australian musicians and songwriters, 107.1 HighlandFM helps singer songwriters find their way in to the music industry. It is a generous doorway to telling our stories, contributing to our culture and voicing our experiences and communities. After so many years of polarised politics and a general lack of empathy and kindness in the national and international conversation, it really has been a revelation to stumble into this kind world.

My dear friend Matthew came along with his beautiful 12 string guitar and the guys, bloody hell, to my surprise, had me singing in the studio alongside gorgeous backing tracks by Keefe and lovely playing by Matthew.

Holy shit!

It was so beautiful to pour my heart out into a microphone and sing. Why does it feel so good? Why have I been floating on air since? Why is music so important?

I count my lucky stars for MUSIC NSW, Community radio and 107.1 HighlandFM.

Dreams do come true. There is magic in everyday life.

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