• Mandy Newman

Stairs to the Moon

If a year goes by and your relationships and friendships are stronger than the year before, it’s been a good year. The moon sparkles over the ocean at night.

Dear Keefe, who I co-write with makes my scribbles and melodies come to life has been playing at Bluesfest this weekend. Taking to the stage with The Melbourne Ska Orchestra and Clayton Dooley on the keys. I can’t believe I’m so fortunate to work with such an accomplished and generous player, writer and producer.

And then the team from Highland FM, the community radio station from Bowral, have been amazingly supportive. Easter was sprinkled with fairy dust when Adam and Lea at Highland FM spun So Good at Giving Up on the radio. Squealed. I squealed. Yes. Lifetime goal reached. Thanks for supporting independent music and helping new artists find a wider audience.

It’s been a good 12 months.

I can see the stairs to the moon. Xxx

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