• Mandy Newman

Sooo excited

One of the things about getting older is that you think there will be no or little excitement in life. It's NOT TRUE.

Oh GAWD. Maybe it is better being a little older, or maybe it's because I haven't done the one thing I really love - because golly gee when the excitement comes - IT COMES.

I have been jumping up and down and squealing with every little step along the music journey. Due to the kindness of some lovely people and MusicNSW - "So Good at Giving Up" " has made it onto its first official Spotify playlist.

And I am THRILLED! The journey is as good as the destination. THANK YOU!

Thank you to LIFE and good people and to well or at least partially funded government and community arts organisations. Art needs sites for people to gather, to give the unsure confidence and that first rung into an artistic life. The little doors you open up make it so much easier for people like me to walk through.

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