• Mandy Newman

Riding the gratitude train

Well...what a week.

Through a strange twist of fate, I was featured of 100% Home-Grown.

It's a national radio show, recorded in the studios of Highland FM 107.1.

Heard on hundreds of community radio stations around Australia, it has a listening audience of eight million. Yes - that's right - eight million!

Everyone needs fierce advocates and platforms in life to share their stories and dreams.

Community radio, and the amazing people volunteering their time and expertise are essential advocates for artists. Their passion and tenderness helps build audiences for artists.

Adam and Warren from HighlandFM 107.1, who have a such a sharp instinct for emotionally resonant stories (dammit), created a little penny from heaven about my music. Tailing my story with fierce and bold Australian singer songwriters, @jess_howell04, _shard_ and the incredible Jerikye Williams was not lost on me. The older, less confident Mum with the bold and brave young ones. They inspire me to be more fierce.

My kids were so proud - which is an extraordinary feat - they’re both like me - CYNICAL!

That’s the power of great storytelling. IT'S TRANSFORMATIONAL.

Unfortunately, Adam takes his advocacy very seriously. I can still hear him in my ear. “Don’t you give fxxxx give up, Mandy!”

You can hear the episode here!

Thanks to the Community Radio Network for this opportunity and the Community Broadcasting Foundation.

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