• Mandy Newman

Dear God, I love song writing...

I wrote a song with a man who is going to light up the whole world.

Jerikye Williams brings a guitar to life and sings his heart out. Watching him live, your feet beg you to get up and move. And when you are dancing, smiling and loving what he is doing and how he makes you feel, then you marvel at how he plays and sings. He moves you with how extraordinary he is. You marvel at what a single person can do with one instrument and voice. Watching him perform, I thought this must have been like what it was before Elvis broke into the wider world - he's that good.

And me - me who has gazed out the window, scribbled lines in mountains of notebooks and thought about things way too much, for decades - got to go down to bloody Bowral again and collaborate with this incredible musician and performer.

Part of a 100% Home-Grown initiative, from HighlandFM 107.1, I spent the day with Jerikye. With one other very accomplished musician and writer, in one of the studios of HighlandFM, we all wrote a song together. And it was MAGIC.

We started the day with a few words and finished, two and a half hours later with a recorded and mastered song you simply have to get up and dance to. Jerikye is the most amazing musician and generous performer and it’s been such a privilege to work closely with him. So a big thank you to everyone who bought me in.

And.... on July 3, over 120 people packed the West Pymble Bicentennial Club on a wet Sunday afternoon to see Matt Burton and I take to the stage. We had such a good time. Matt sang and played his heart out and I tried out my originals. We finished up with a rousing version of The Angels, “Am I ever gonna see your face again?” which does seem to be the most perfect song in the world to finish any set. And would someone please tell me next time, to take my glasses off!

The Club had never had so many people at that time, and I didn’t realise how many people I know from around the area. Thanks so much for coming! And thank you to the Club for hosting such a warm, rousing afternoon for the wider community. We all loved it and can't wait to do it all again.

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