• Mandy Newman

Can't sell a secret

What a great event hosted by some amazingly generous people!

Zipped down to Bowral last night, dropped into the Bunnings (which is amazing) and took my seat at Highland FM to an event put together by Michelle Williams, from Wingecarribee Shire Council, Music NSW and the wonderful Highland FM.

There's some big names in this pic! Mark Callaghan - songwriter extraordinaire - who penned one of the most recognisable lines in Australian rock music history - THIS IS AUSTRALIA. Mel Core-Caballo - co founder of Dead Horse Branding - telling us how to market our pants off - Michael Simic - amazing headlining singer and Regional Music Officer for Music NSW, and Richelle Booth - internationally renowned touring musician.

So generous with all their knowledge and expertise - some top tips were:

People don't listen to a band - they see it.

Always be one step better dressed than the audience.

Work out your shit sandwich.

Thanks to Adam - the station manager at Highland FM and everyone involved. A really fabulous inspiring night.

And as Michael says, every time we have a shred of self-doubt - "Silencio Bruno!"

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