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I’ve been writing down stories all my life - I just took the long way around to connect the writing with singing. 

There's nothing quite like writing a song that makes a person's eyes widen in wonder and connects with their experience. 

I've been an author, journalist and teacher. The thought of not getting around to do what I always wanted, lead me to work with Keefe West. Releasing two songs during lockdown, I've got the rest of an album rearing to go and I can't wait to share the songs Keefe and I have written together.  

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Four new songs...

November 18, 2021

Keefe and I have been working our way through lockdown, and there are some gorgeous, sad songs coming out soon...

I am such a bright person on the outside, but...oh dear - the words in my heart and soul...Johnny Cash would be proud. 

Boy in the Field

"Those who tell the stories rule society"


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