"From the first time I heard her sing, there was something noticeably unique and special about her voice. You know...a real standout talent in waiting...a voice to be shared for everyone to enjoy.


Mandy's musical journey started in the years prior to her becoming a mum....to the present. Mandy Julia is now back living her dream as a performer and singer/songwriter."


Adam Stokeld | Station Manager

Highland FM 107.1

Mandy appeared on 100% Home-Grown which is produced in the studios of Highland FM 107.1 for the Community Radio Network with the support of the Community Broadcasting Foundation.

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I've always been that person who gets so moved by a moment, I burst into song. I saw Nelson Mandela when he toured Australia in the 1990s and as he went down the escalator at the Hilton Hotel, much to his surprise, I burst into the ANC National Anthem. I am such a bright person on the outside, but...oh dear - the words in my heart and soul...Johnny Cash would be proud.

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